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Trade Show Exhibit for Protective Industrial Products

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Trade Show Exhibit for Protective Industrial Products

Trade Show Exhibit for Protective Industrial Products

Client:  Protective Industrial Products

Project:  50′ x 50′ Trade Show Exhibit

Location:  Chicago, IL

Empire Exhibits was initially asked by PIP to design and build a couple new elements for their existing booth for an upcoming trade show. We helped them visualize what their booth could look like with 3D renderings…a few new elements turned into a full booth make-over! New elements were designed, built, and installed by Empire Exhibits including, a new information desk with dimensional logo, new gloss white central conference table, gloss red vinyl flooring, light-boxes on all four corners, monitors and surrounds installed into their existing truss system, all new printed graphics (graphic design by PIP), and new mannequins. Some of the elements such as the bistro tables and stools are rental items through Empire Exhibits.

Protective Industrial Products is a great client of ours; let them know you hear about them from Empire Exhibits and Displays, Inc. www.pipusa.com


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